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"Making the Case for Service Design for Start-ups and Innovation" - Resources

Thanks for attending my shared talk on 6 May 2020, as part of the SDN Netherlands chapter event.

You can download my slides here:


Here are books that I mentioned at the end of my presentation:


“How Stella Saved the Farm” (Govindaraj et al)
“Blitzscaling” (Hoffman et al)
“Zero to One” (Thiel)
“The Innovator’s Dilemma” (Christensen)
“The Ten Faces of Innovation” (Kelley)
“Sprint” (Knapp et al)
“Design a Better Business” (van der Pijl et al)
“The Corporate Startup” (Viki et al)
“Scaling Lean”, “Running Lean” (Maurya)
”Lean Service Creation” (Futurice)

Here is my article in the SDN journal Touchpoint on this topic: "Making the Case for Service Design for Start-ups and Innovation: Applying our mindset and ways-of-working in a new frontier" 

In my talk, I touched on the use of a service ecosystem as a powerful tool to introduce the service designer's perspective into a start-up. Here's my article on how you can create a service ecosystem: "Using a Service Ecosystem to Quickly Grasp Complexity"

You can also read about the canvas I mentioned: The Service Design Perspective for Innovation canvas.

My service design work with start-ups

In the past several years I've specialized in applying service design to the unique challenges of innovation environments and start-ups. Learn more about what I offer here:

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