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In connection with this recent issue of Touchpoint, I'll be giving a talk and participating in a panel on the role of service design for start-ups and innovation, with Board of Innovation and SDN Belgium

30 Oct 2019

Talk and panel: Service Design for Innovation and Start-ups with Board of Innovation

This one-day course introduces designers and non-designers to ideation, and the value of co-creation, in service design

17 Oct 2019

Course: Co-creation and Ideation for (Service) Design

On 9 October, I'll be giving a keynote talk to the SDGC19 audience, on 'Trends in Service Design'.

9 Oct 2019

Keynote at SDN Global Conference 2019 (Toronto)

I'll be giving a two-day introduction to service design training in Johannesburg, using journey maps.

19 Sep 2019

Course: Service Design Training (Johannesburg)

I'm pleased to be announced as both a speaker and workshop facilitator for the Design Thinking Camp to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

29-30 Aug 2019

Design Thinking Camp (Sofia, Bulgaria)

A half-day course aimed at introducing those working at startups to the power of service design thinking.

27 May 2019

(Service) Design Thinking for Startups and Innovators (Berlin)

I'll be giving my '(Service) Design Thinking for Startups and Innovators' workshop in partnership with CHINACCELERATOR in Shanghai.

23 Apr 2019

Workshop with CHINACCELERATOR (Shanghai)

In late March I'll be facilitating a 70-strong team of participants working on circular economy projects for a two-day Jam at Laurea University in Finland. The Jam is in collaboration with the CIRC4Life H2020 project, Circular Economy UAS project and ESF-funded City Drivers project.

27-28 Mar 2019

Laurea University Circular Economy Jam

Continuing the positive partnership between the SDN and the IxDA that I helped initiate in 2017, I have been invited to attend and moderate a panel at the IxDA's annual conference in Seattle.

6-8 Feb 2019

IxDA Intersection 2019 Conference (Seattle)

I was an invited keynote speaker at Didi Chuxing in Berlin, where I talked about the current state of service design to the Chinese internet giant's internal design team

17 Apr 2018

(Keynote) Didi Chuxing (Beijing)

To launch the new SDN Academy satellite in Berlin, I'm giving a one-day course on Service Design for the Circular Economy

18 Oct 2019

Course: Service Design for the Circular Economy (Berlin)

I'll be running a workshop entitled "Service Design for Start-ups - Adapting Our Practice for a New Frontier" at the 800+ attendee SDGC19 in Toronto.

10 Oct 2019

Workshop at SDN Global Conference 2019 (Toronto)

On 9 October I'll give a 4-hour Masterclass on service design for the circular economy.

9 Oct 2019

Masterclass: Service Design for the Circular Economy (Toronto)

I'm amongst a group of innovation experts presenting workshops in this conference with a unique format, in Berlin.

6-7 Sep 2019

Workshop at Toolfest (Berlin)

I'll be giving two open trainings in Helsinki, on 12-14 August. "Journey Mapping Masterclass" (2-days) and "Co-creation and Ideation Techniques" (1-day).

12-14 Aug 2019

Course: Journey Mapping and Ideation + Co-creation Trainings (Helsinki)

I'll be attending an exciting first National Conference for the SDN in Shanghai, China.

23-24 Apr 2019

SDN China National Conference

As a follow-up to co-authoring and signing the Montreal Design Declaration in 2017 on behalf of the Service Design Network, I will be joining the representatives of other international design organizatons, in conjunction with the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne to move forward with cross-discipline projects.

3-5 Apr 2019

Design Declaration Summit (St-Étienne, France)

I will be giving a keynote presentation on service design trends and a workshop on "(Service) Design Thinking for Startups and Innovators" at this 250+ attendee conference, co-organized by DTIL.

23-24 Mar 2019

Service Plus Conference (Taiwan)

In mid December 2018, the first World Eco-Design Conference was held in Conghua (Guangzhou), China. Representing the SDN, I gave a talk on the importance of service design to sustainable design projects.

13-14 Dec 2018

World Eco-Design Conference (Guangzhou, China)

21 Feb 2019

SDN NL Meetup: Service Design and Co-creation (Amsterdam)

15 Nov 2018

(Host) SDN NL Meetup: SDGC18 Videos Evening (Amsterdam)

8 Nov 2018

SDN Belgium Chapter Anniversary Event (Ghent)

25 Oct 2018

Tech Talent Thursdays: From UX to Service Design (Amsterdam)

10-12 Oct 2018

SDN Global Conference (Dublin)

21 Sep 2018

Service Design Futures: A Day of Service Design (London)

7 Jun 2018

SDN Netherlands doet een “Noordelijke verkenning” (Leeuwarden)

25 May 2018

(Panellist) Meet the SDN Management Team (Köln)

25 Apr 2018

SDN Finland National Conference (Helsinki)

27 Mar 2018

(Host) SDN NL: Meet the TISDD Team (Amsterdam)

20-21 Mar 2018

Platform Design Materclass (Amsterdam)

9-11 Mar 2018

(Judge) Global Service Jam - Amsterdam Edition

29 Nov 2017

(Host) SDN NL Meetup: SDGC17 Videos Evening (Amsterdam)

1-3 Nov 2017

SDN Global Conference (Madrid)

23-25 Oct 2017

(Representative) World Design Summit (Montreal)

26 Sep 2017

International Service Design Experience Conference (Cork, Ireland)

10-11 Aug 2017

SDN USA National Conference (Chicago)

5 Apr 2017

SDN NL: Data Driven Service Design: When Qualitative Data Meets Quantitative Data (Baarn)

10-12 Mar 2017

Facebook Design Jam (Berlin)

17-19 Feb 2017

(Judge) Global Service Jam - Amsterdam Edition

13 Dec 2016

(Host) SDN NL Meetup: SDGC16 Videos Evening (the Hague)

26-28 Oct 2016

(Organizer, Masterclass trainer) SDN Global Conference (Amsterdam)

30 Jun 2016

SDN UK National Conference (London)

15 May 2016

(Speaker) Global Service Design and Innovatior Forum (Shenzhen)

26-28 Feb 2016

(Judge) Global Service Jam - Amsterdam Edition