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innovation consulting for a blockchain-based start-up

Tykn are a start-up based in the Hague with a compelling back-story. Founded by a Syrian immigrant to the Netherlands who spent time in the refugee system, they know first-hand the challenges of the billions of people around the world who are un-documented or un-banked. By applying their blockchain expertise, they are working with public- and private-sector clients to improve digital identity.

During my time with Tykn I assisted them with an in-depth review of their mission, vision and market context. I guided them through the development of new candidates for business model and value propositions, which they moved on to validate with potential customers.


launching in-house service design expertise

During this two-year engagement with one of the largest Dutch banks, I helped grow Rabobank's internal service design team from two to more than 14. In conjunction with the bank's implementation of customer journey-based ways of working, I introduced documents and ways of working that were rolled out across the organization.


Projects included those for consumers, SME's and large corporates, as well as HR policy for the bank on a global basis. User research, workshop design and facilitation, training, prototyping and UX coordination were key aspects of this role. In addition I served as interim service design team lead.

Rabobank case

coaching startups in service design and design thinking

ING Labs is the international organization's accelerator programme, where in-house and independent start-ups receive support to bring their innovations to market.

Working as a service design and design thinking coach, I helped multiple teams move through a Lean Startup-inspired methodology, ensuring customers remained top-of-mind.

ING Labs case

service design and design sprints for a banking innovator

An innovative daughter of ABN AMRO, Moneyou offers a range of financial services. Seeking to capitalize on open banking initiatives - and capture a new target market - the bank launched 'Moneyou Go', a unique new banking proposition.

Working closely with a small team, I brought a unique service design perspective to the ambitious project. This included customer development and the serving as creative lead for design sprints.

Moneyou case
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service design applied to the challenge of personal data

In mid-2016, Facebook set up a world-wide initiative to tackle the complex challenges posed by personal data online. This took the form of TTC Labs, and involved representatives from industry, government, academia, and non-profits.

I participated as a service designer at two events, hosting and facilitating activities in Amsterdam, and participating in a two-day design jam in Berlin.

Image source: TTC Labs

laurea_circular_economy_jam copy.png
laurea_circular_economy_jam copy 2.png

two-day service design jam for circular economy concepts

Adhering to the intense "Jam" format, I designed a two-day workshop in which 70+ participants applied Design Thinking and service design techniques to create and validate circular economy-inspired concepts for one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland. Supported by a team of co-facilitators, I taught underlying theory and then facilitated group activities, following the 'double diamond' methodology.

Image source: TTC Labs

CE Jam

career clients and projects

Ziggo (Netherlands)
ABN AMRO (Netherlands)
Philips (Netherlands)
Achmea (Netherlands)
Marriott (International)
Ben (Netherlands)
AkzoNobel (International)
VWS (Netherlands)
Centraal Beheer (Netherlands)
T-Mobile (Netherlands)
Perpetual (Australia)
UWV (Netherlands)
BeFrank (Netherlands)
Telsta (Australia)
DET (Australia)
Priva (Netherlands)
NRMA (Australia)
CZ (Netherlands)
WE (Netherlands)
Interpolis (Netherlands)
ABC (Australia)
Hutchison 3 (Australia)
ING (International)
Rabobank (Netherlands and Intl)
Moneyou (Netherlands)
Vodafone (International)
Fuji Xerox (Australia)
Orange (UK and Denmark)
ACCC (Australia)

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