An Introduction to Service Design through Journey Mapping


19 Sep 2019

This two-day course gives participants an introduction to service design through the application of journey mapping.


Looking for how to transition to service design? Or are you starting out in the field and in search of a boost for your skills? This two-day training will set you on the right course. Using journey mapping as versatile method that can form the basis for an entire service design trajectory, you'll get hands-on experience combined with a mix of theory.

An ideal introduction to service design

Journey maps and customer journeys are a cornerstone of service design. In an accessible and approachable manner, they are an ideal way of capturing and communicating customer experiences. They allow research findings and insights to be synthesized into a readable visualization, offer jumping-off points for ideation activities, build consensus and shared ownership of a vision for service experiences, and lay the groundwork for steps towards implementation.

By learning how to use journey maps as a basis for service design projects, you can also learn foundational knowledge of service design: The importance of research and a customer-centeredness, the value of multidisciplinary teams, how a holistic perspective allows service experiences to be strategically orchestrated. Furthermore, you'll touch on related, core service design activities, such as service ecosystem mapping and ideation techniques. 

Why journey mapping?

Journey maps combine the most important aspects of service design thinking with one of the most recognized examples of service design doing. They offer a powerful yet accessible manner to apply service design, and can easily be created to capture both current service experiences (to generate new insights about current customers and users, as well as opportunities for innovation), and well as to visualize future, desired service experiences (for both incremental innovations to fundamental transformations or entirely new services).

Hands-on learning with a real world case

This c​ourse offers a tried-and-tested, engaging mix of both theory and hands-on "learning by doing". You'll work in teams on a real-world case, and have a chance to experience first-hand how to:

  • Plan and scope customer journey projects

  • Determine the necessary research to derive findings and insights

  • Create journey map visualizations

  • Apply ideation techniques to address identified opportunities and pain-points

  • Move from journey mapping towards implementation

You'll also learn a specific, multi-stage project approach that you can take back to your current work. It will allow you to put the power of journey mapping - as an element of service design - to work in your day-to-day job.  

Topics covered

  • The value of customer journey thinking and its relation to service design

  • Scoping journey mapping projects

  • Research methods to inform journey maps

  • Service ecosystems

  • Creating ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ journey maps

  • Identifying opportunities and pain points

  • Using journey maps as a basis for ideation and brainstorming

  • Linking journey maps to service blueprints

  • Extending journey maps with alternative visualizations and adaptations


Who should attend

This course is ideal for those looking for an introduction to service design, within a two-day format. Whether you are looking to transition into service design as a career, are already working in the discipline, or want to learn how to apply key tenets of service design to your existing job, you'll leave this course with insights and methods you can apply right away.

  • Interaction and UX designers

  • Digital product designers

  • Product owners

  • Design researchers

  • Other design and design management roles

  • Project and product managers

  • Marketing roles

  • Customer service managers

  • Start-ups teams and entrepreneurs 


Early-bird ticket price: ZAR 8,350 (limited tickets, until 26 Aug 2019)

Regular price: ZAR 9,290

Please note that ticket prices are set in Euro, and may fluctuate with foreign exchange rates.

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