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Service Design for the Circular Economy


9 Oct 2019

I'll be teaching a 4-hour SDN Academy Masterclass at the SDN Global Conference 2019.

Learn how to adapt and apply service design tools and perspectives to the unique contexts of services designed for the circular economy in this SDN Academy Masterclass.


What to expect?

Faced with concerns about sustainability and waste, circular economy-based services are increasingly offering innovative alternatives to our traditional patterns of consumption. Designing them, however, presents some new challenges to service designers. Not only do their service lifecycles themselves look different, but the value exchanges which take place change over time as well.


In this Masterclass aimed at both beginning and experienced service designers, you’ll prepare yourself to discover new opportunities in this exciting and ever-more-relevant niche of the economy.


What are the takeaways from the Masterclass?

You will be exposed to a mix of theory, hands-on activities and case studies.


Attendees will:

  • Learn the hallmarks of circular economy-based services

  • Learn and apply related innovation methods

  • Discover how to adapt and apply service design tools

  • Hear about case studies where service design has been successfully applied for the circular economy


This class is ideal for service designers, as well as other design and product management roles, working in organizations that plan to, or currently deliver, circular economy-based services.

Cost and registration

The cost of this Masterclass is CAD$350

Registration is separate from the SDN Global Conference

For more information and to register, visit

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