service design coaching.

service design training.

service design doing.

Improving the delivery of new and existing services while keeping a sharp focus on both the business and the customer

Design thinking and service design coaching and expertise for accelerator programmes, startups and incubators


Customised and ready-to-go packages to introduce design thinking and service design, or dive into advanced topics

workshop and design sprint facilitation

Short-term engagements supporting multi-disciplinary teams to get the most out of sprints and workshops

More than 22 years of international experience.

A published thought leader helping evolve and shape the practice of service design.

From international corporates to mid-size organizations and early-stage start-ups.

Deep experience in the financial sector.

Ready to help your organization deliver the customer experience-focussed solutions of tomorrow.


Circular Economy Jam

Design and facilitation of an intense, two-day workshop to create and validate concepts for the circular economy

end-to-end service design

Multiple factors are pushing organizations large and small to expand and improve their product and service offerings: Transformation initiatives, consumer demand, technological advances, disruptive competition and the drive to innovate.

Service design offers a proven, structured approach to ensure that these efforts deliver value for those organizations, and their customers as well.

Kolmiot brings more than twenty years of user-centered design experience - including more than eleven years applying service design - as well as a flexible and adaptable way of working. 


Innovation is a key driver of success. Staying ahead of the curve, identifying and exploiting new areas of opportunity, and creating new value streams are critical. Without successful innovation, organizations risk being overtaken by competitors and market developments, and left behind by evolving consumer expectations.

Innovation efforts take on multiple guises:

  • A team which downs tools for an intense, isolated innovation sprint

  • An in-house innovation lab to incubate and accelerate innovation efforts

  • A stand-alone, external operation which supports multiple, independent initiatives

With several years of experience supporting innovation teams and startups in different settings, Kolmiot knows what it takes to harness the dynamic energy of an innovation lab, and apply design thinking and service design, to ensure that the end-user remains firmly in focus throughout the often rapid and high-pressure innovation lifecycle.




For those looking to understand the basics of service design to apply in their everyday work, or practicing service designers, UX designers or CX experts wanting to further develop their skills in specific areas, Kolmiot offers the ideal training possibilities, and has a 11+ year track record in running workshops and trainings.

Custom-made training courses can be designed for teams of any size within an organization, and given on-site or externally.

Trainings with open registrations are also offered, within the Netherlands, as well as across Europe and around the world.

workshop and design sprint facilitation

Co-creation lies at the heart of the practice of service design, and workshops - whether for a design team alone, with stakeholders, or with end users - deliver results and insights. Whether it is to scope a project in which service design plays a role, or to deliver key artifacts such as customer journeys, service ecosystems, prototypes or service blueprints, Kolmiot has a wealth of expertise and experience to assist your team.

Design sprints are also an increasingly popular and recognized approach to delivering validated concepts within compressed timeframes. And with service design expertise added to the mix, they become even more powerful. Kolmiot can work with you to plan, lead and document (service) design sprints.


looking for service design expertise?



30 Jun 2020

Online talk: "Masters of Service Design"

I'll be giving a talk followed by a Q&A at this live event, part of a series of invited speakers organized by the SDN Dallas chapter

15-17 Jan 2020

International Design Policy Roundtable and Design Innovation Forum (Taipei)

I will be speaking at a three-day International Design Policy Roundtable and Design Innovation Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, in mid-January 2020

9 Oct 2019

Keynote at SDN Global Conference 2019 (Toronto)

On 9 October, I'll be giving a keynote talk to the SDGC19 audience, on 'Trends in Service Design'.

6 May 2020

Online talk: Service design for innovation and start-ups

The third edition of my shared talk with Mike Pinder (Board of Innovation), this time online!

17 Dec 2019

Talk and panel: Service Design for Innovation and Start-ups with Board of Innovation

In connection with this recent issue of Touchpoint, I'll be giving a talk and participating in a panel on the role of service design for start-ups and innovation, with Board of Innovation and the SDN New York chapter

19 Sep 2019

Course: Service Design Training (Johannesburg)

I'll be giving a two-day introduction to service design training in Johannesburg, using journey maps.

13 Feb 2020

Talk and Q&A: Trends in Service Design @ IED São Paulo

I'll be bringing a talk I recently gave at the SDN's global conference to the vibrant Brazilian service design community, at the Istituto Europeo di Design in São Paulo

10 Oct 2019

Workshop at SDN Global Conference 2019 (Toronto)

I'll be running a workshop entitled "Service Design for Start-ups - Adapting Our Practice for a New Frontier" at the 800+ attendee SDGC19 in Toronto.

6-7 Sep 2019

Workshop at Toolfest (Berlin)

I'm amongst a group of innovation experts presenting workshops in this conference with a unique format, in Berlin.


Making the Case for Service Design for Start-ups and Innovation

Applying our mindset and ways-of-working in a new frontier

Jesse Grimes

Aug 1, 2019 · 11 min read

medium logo.png

An interview with Lara Penin

An interview carried out for Touchpoint Vol. 10 No. 2

Jesse Grimes

Feb 1, 2018 · 7 min read

medium logo.png

Using a Service Ecosystem to Quickly Grasp Complexity

A unique visualisation to deliver insights right from the start of a service design project

Jesse Grimes

Feb 1, 2018 · 11 min read

medium logo.png

Six Hacks for Service Designers in Agile Settings

Service design is a holistic activity which should align with organisational strategy. What should you do if you find yourself in a Scrum team?

Jesse Grimes

Nov 22, 2017 · 7 min read

medium logo.png

Jesse Grimes

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